zaterdag 22 juni 2013

I'm alive!

Yes! I am! Alive! I know I didn't post reviews for a while, but I've been so busy. As a teacher, the last few weeks at school are like reaaaally stressful! A quick overview of my week :)


The last Latin lesson for my students has arrived! I'll miss them! Especially after they made me a waffle and brought it to the staffroom for me. 

Also the fact they wrote a song for me/about me, made my day! Just adorable :D 


Let the stress begin! Exams! The youngest made their Latin exam today. Yaaay! Start to correct them!

(Finally done now. Stupid thing is my other students have their Latin exam next monday... So I'm just waiting for more work!)


Hurray! I just won a chick lit novel without knowing it. What a surprise when I found this beautiful package in my mailbox! All the way from New York, USA! Love it! I never win a thing, so this is special for me :p Forgive me ;)


Finally some sun in Belgium (not for long though)...


The Cure sings "Friday I'm in love"... Well, this friday I fell in love with this nice book cover! I bought it at the "Hema" store in Halle for only €2.75. I was searching for this because I don't always like the idea everybody sees which book you're reading. Not because I read stupid or lame books, but you know... I just like this book cover :p

Have a great weekend!

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