maandag 31 maart 2014

March Book Haul

Last month has been crazy! I didn't even have the time to read a lot... Two books... In a whole month... I am ashamed of myself! You already have my review of "Vic Mongol" and currently I'm reading "Loving mr. Darcy" by Sharon Lathan. I hope I'll finish this book before the end of this week. It's like a super slow read! Aaargh! 

This lack of time didn't hold me back from buying books though. Luckily! I stille have a huge TBR pile in my room after I went to a Book Outlet a few months ago, but I'm going to ignore that for a while. I'll show those outlet books to you later. I promise!

Because I'm currently into Booktube (I LOVE IT), you'll probably recognize the books I've bought and ordered this month. They're books everybody on Youtube is raving about, so they made me a little curious. Some of these books should have been on my shelves long before now, but I finally bought them. 

Here they are (I'm super excited about all of them!) 

1. John Green - The fault in our stars (couldn't stay behind!)
2. Rachel Gibson - Run to you
3. Markus Zusak - The Book Thief
3. Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl (ordered, still waiting for it)
4. Rainbow Rowell - Attachments (ordered, still waiting for it)

I have to say I really hate this cover of "Run to you"... I have another one (it isn't pretty either, but it's better than this one). The cover of "The Book Thief" isn't my favorite one either, but they only had this copy in my bookstore and I didn't wan't to wait for another one.
I'm looking forward to read all these books, but I have to read some others first. Finally I can start my two weeks of freedom! READING!

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