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Review "Loving Mr. Darcy"

Some information

Title: Loving Mr. Darcy
Author: Sharon Lathan
Pages: 448 (aaargh)
Published: September 2009
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
My Scource: Boekenfestijn Gent
My Score on Goodreads: 2 stars


Darcy and Lizzy venture away from Pemberley to journey through England, finding friends, relatives, fun, love, and an even deeper and more sacred bond along the way.

Having embarked on the greatest adventure of all, marriage and the start of a new life together, now the Darcys take the reader on a journey through a time of prosperity, enjoyment, and security. They experience all the adventures of travel, with friends
and relatives providing both companionship and complications, and with fun as their focus.

The sights and sounds, tastes and flavors of Regency England come alive. Through it all, Darcy and Lizzy continue to build a marriage filled with romance, sensuality, and the beauty of a deep, abiding love.


I have to admit something. Every single time I pass by something related to Jane Austen, even in the smallest way, I have to go back, hug it a little and eventually buy it. Sometimes though this "love at first sight" turns out to be a little disappointing. That was the case with this book. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't like it too. Maybe it was the fact that there didn't happen a thing in this book that made me feel this way. I love to read love stories, but there has to happen something in them. This book just went on and on about the ever lasting love between Elizabeth and Darcy. Only a few chapters away from the end there happens something with these characters. For the rest of the time they say "I love you" a thousand times, buy a lot of things and think about all the things they still have to do. Tiresome!

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  1. Hmm it's too bad this didn't really take advantage of the premise and make things interesting! I love reading book that continue the great romances (especially when it's Jane Eyre) but it should still have drama! Do you have a favorite P&P book retelling or sequel?

    1. Yes, it's a shame :( I haven't read many sequels, but if I ever find a good one, I'll let you know :D If you know one for Jane Eyre, you can let me know too! I loved that story!