To Do

  1. L.A. Alexander - Fictional Worlds
  2. Doug E. Jones - Nowhere to Goa
  3. Ninie Hammon - The Memory Closet
  4. Margaret Buckhanon - The secret of flying
  5. Elizabeth McKenna - Cera's Place
  6. Shuchi Singh Kalra - Done with men
  7. Paulette Mahurin - The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
  8. Michael Diack - The Super Spud Trilogy
  9. Rebecca Dahlke - A Dangerous Harbour
  10. Laura Dobbins - Francesca of Lost Generation
  11. Arlene Lam - Rescued
  12. Bridgette Powell - Reflection of Evil
  13. Erin Zarro - Fey Touched
  14. John Matthews - Blind School
  15. James Fouché - Jack Hanger
  16. Gigi Sedlmayer - Talon
  17. Andrea Heltsley - Dancing With Death
  18. Tracie Banister - In Need of Therapy
  19. Elizabeth Bailey - Mademoiselle at Arms
  20. M.C.V. Egan - The Bridge of Deaths
  21. Robert P. Wills - Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe
  22. Nancy Scrofano - True Love Way
  23. Merce Cardus - Deconstructing INFATUATION
  24. Tracey Madeley - Peaceful Meadows
  25. John M.W. Smith - Wacky Stories for Woman: volume three
  26. Jennifer Thompson - The Scent of a Soul
  27. Susan Cartwright - Wolf Dawn
  28. Irene Helenowski - Order of the Dimensions
  29. R.S. Vern - 2 graphic noves about "Haee, the cat with the crooked tail"
  30. Lea Carter - Silver Princess
  31. Geraldine Birch - The Swastika Tattoo
  32. Kerry Dwyer - Ramblings in Ireland
  33. Elyse Grant - The Prince Charming Hoax
  34. Jean Gill - Song at dawn
  35. F.A. Finlayson - Gene Pool ~ Unnatural Selection
  36. Ryshia Kennie - Fatal Intent
  37. Clarissa Cartharn - Dynasty O'Shea
  38. Kathy Steinneman - Vanguard of Hope
  39. Rick Brindle - An Angel's Alternative
  40. Charity Seraphina Fields - Battle Against Infinity
  41. LA Greyson - The Oxygen Wasters
  42. Ani Alexander - Highfall
  43. S.L. Wallace - Price of a Bounty
  44. Wendy Unsworth - The Palaver Tree
  45. Theresa Rizzo - He belongs to me
  46. Rhyme Devereux - At your mercy
  47. Samreen Ahsan - A silent prayer

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  1. Nice to see I am on Slot #1 at the moment - can't wait to see what you think of the book!

    1. Yes, I'm starting your book today :D Curious about it! I'll keep you posted ;)

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    Heart of Eternity


    Soft lines of emotion crossed his forehead as he turned and looked into her eyes one last time, confused as to why she seemed so familiar and all the more frustrated at his own dark side for not breaking out in front of her. Jay forced himself not to look back, to pretend as if Naidah had never existed, and to be cold and alone again just the way he liked it. He disappeared eventually, basking in the heat of his own hell.

    But Naidah stood there as if she’d been waiting her whole life for him. Her soulful eyes locked on his every move, craning her neck as far as she could to lock his towering frame in her eyes forever, feeling her breath stop as distance grew between them, wanting to reach over but not being able to move an inch, the distant recesses of space pulling Jay infinitely away from her till he vanished from her sight. A sharp and tangible pain ridged between her heart and ripped away her soul. She caressed the folds of his jacket. The feeling flooded her with his scent. It was engulfing. Crouching down where Jay was standing a minute ago, Naida cupped the sand up in her palm and held it there as if trying to confirm the veracity of his existence, to tell the difference between her vision and reality.

    All that happened afterwards was a mere blur for Naida; Eva’s shout, the lifeguard’s queries, the crowd eyeing her drenched body with curiosity, murmuring conjectures. Everything gyrated around her in full swing but she stood there, unmoving… unnerved.

    The sand in her palm slowly slipped away in the wind and took her with it and the only part that ever remained there was the one that did not belong to her anymore…it belonged to him…

    1. Thank you for your message. I'll send you an e-mail :)

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