woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Looking forward to "The Miniature Polar Bear"

I always had a thing for children's books and that's why I'm glad to offer author Sarah Scott some promotion for her upcoming book "The Miniature Polar Bear". I have to be carefull with my words. It's not "just" a book, it's more! It's an interactive book app for children of all ages. Great idea in these times where everything is about computers, Ipods, Ipads,... and real books are becoming old-fashioned (I hate that trend and don't follow it, but it's part of our world I believe). 

The concept is really good in my opinion because the readers of this book will not only get a compelling story about a little boy with a big imagination who finds a miniature polar bear under his bed. They'll also get beautiful animations, music and hear voiceovers. Their imagination will be stimulated in more than one way. It will be a sort of book that's more attractive for the children of this age. Don't get me wrong, I still believe children should read actual books instead of playing on all these devices BUT this IS an actual book. The great thing is that it's ON one of these devices and uses the advantages of it!

What about the story? Well, I believe it's gonna be a good one (although I haven't read it myself so far). Sarah tells us something about Jimmy, a little boy with a wonderful imagination. When he joins his family for a trip to the zoo, he gets intrigued by the polar bear and wants one for himself. And believe it or not... Jimmy finds a miniature version of this bear underneath his own bed! This is the start for some great adventures for Jimmy and his new little friend. Along with the adventures come some trouble for the boy, but he does everything in his power to protect his fluffy companion.

When this book comes out, it'll be understood by lots of children around the world because Sarah makes sure to add as much translations to the app as possible. I for sure would give her some help with the Dutch translation since I really believe in this project!

Want a sneak peek of some images? 

If you'd like to have some more information about the book or offer Sarah some help with finishing her project, please visit this site:

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  1. This looks so cute! I think if apps are the way to get children to read, than that's okay as long as they are reading. :) I did read about an app that has books with a soundtrack so you have some music and sound effects while you are reading. Kinda silly, but I thought it would be fun if it is a book you are very familiar with.

  2. My thoughts exactly :D Maybe some more kidlit authors should consider it and see the advantages of it! Ooh and I like that app you mention :p Should definitely look it up! Most of the times I have a jukebox in my head while reading :p

    1. The app has a website with their available books http://booktrack.com/shelf.php I am waiting for them to do Jane Eyre! :) I sometimes hear songs and try to figure out how it works, or if it works for the latest book I am reading. :)

  3. Thanks for the link! Lots of children's books indeed :D A soundtrack for Jane Eyre would be great! And one for Pride and Prejudice would make it totally fab for me :p I'm gonna try one too just to see how it works :D