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Review "What more could you wish for"

Some information

Title: What more could you wish for
Author: Samantha Hoffman
Pages: 243 (paperback)
Genre: chick lit
Published: august 2012
Publisher: St.Martin's Griffin - New York
My Source: I won this book on Chick Lit Central
My score on Goodreads: 4 stars


Libby Carson has a great life - a thriving business, a family she adores, and a steady guy who's sweet and reliable. Life is good - nice and tidy. Until, that is, her fiftieth birthday, when her boyfriend does the unthinkable: he proposes. Libby's been down the marriage road before and it just didn't work. 

While she's trying to persuade her guy to keep things status quo she happens to reconnect with her high school boyfriend online, and what begins as fun soon turns to flirtation. Libby is startled to feel some stirrings of the passion she felt at seventeen. How is that possible? She thought she had things all figured out.
Now she must take stock of her life and everyone in it to answer the question everyone's asking: What more could you wish for?


What more could I wish for? Maybe some more time to read more books like this one...
A few weeks ago I won this great book on the Chick Lit Central Blog and enjoyed it from the first page to the last one. Have to say I don't find this a "normal" chick lit book. I don't know what I mean by "normal", but it's just different from other books I've read in that genre. This doesn't mean I didn't love it. On the contrary, I really liked this book because it was something different. Instead of telling us the story of a young woman in search for a career, a good husband and a stable life, we get a totally different character in this book.
We meet Libby. A 50 yo woman with a flourishing career, a fiancé and a rather stable life. The problem is that Libby WAS is search for all those things when she was 20 or something. Now she's different and she wished she could be as unstable as she was as a 16 year old. She wished she could be back together again with her high-school boyfriend, Patrick... the guy her parents didn't like, but the one she loved with whole her heart.

How does a 50 turning woman get the idea of contacting a long lost love? Well, let's blame it on the Internet. When Libby finds a site to find old classmates, she doesn't hesitate long to sign up. It also doesn't take her long to find Patrick and to decide to contact him. A correspondance between the two of them starts and Libby starts to doubt her life more and more. Does she really want to marry the new men in her life? Does she really want to do everything in life like other people expect her to do? Maybe not... Maybe she liked the unstability of her past more because she could be more of herself back then.

When Libby suddenly loses her father, who really liked the idea of her getting married, she starts to doubt again. Maybe her father was right and she finally needed a man by her side who would support her and be there for here no matter what. Maybe the last thing she needed was a bad boyfriend and the feeling she was 16 again. Maybe...

I really liked this book by Samantha Hoffman and understood Libby very well. Samantha described this character in a way I could really connect with her and I thought it difficult too to choose between the long lost boyfriend and the new man. I'm still far away from my 50th birthday, but nevertheless I felt like Libby. It must be hard to think you can't take chances anymore because you're getting a little older and I'm glad Libby stopped thinking that...

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