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Review "The Eternal Well"

Some information

Title: The Eternal Well 
Author: K.D. Lathar 
Pages: 288 (kindle edition)
Genre: hmmm, YA (although I think it's too difficult)/Fantasy
Published: July 2012
Publisher: Tarragon Publishing
My source: Author (thank you!)
My score on Goodreads: 1 star (do not despair, I finished the            book, so that's a good thing!)


‘What do you mean a single soul can destroy the universe?’ The Clan leader was serious.
Thirteen-year old Peter Badger and Michelle Hawk cling to the hope that their other Changeling friend, Paul Otter, is still alive and has found one of their missing parents. They re-enter the world in which the Rumanni are struggling with the Clan for dominance; the Rumanni might against the Clan's enlightened spiritualism.
The Rumanni King however hates the Changelings and is hunting them down. He wants their power, for he believes that somewhere in it lies the solution to his longing for eternal life. To make matters worse, the land becomes a perilous place when the sun goes down as the night creatures and the Rakshas, the demons, come out to feed.
The Changelings’ attempted rescue of their captive parent is a disaster. It acts as a catalyst which transforms the Changeling parent's soul into a nemesis that could destroy the whole of existence. Unwilling to accept their failure, headstrong Michelle goes in search of the Gate to the very Realm of the Dead, to save the soul of the missing parent. Peter and Paul follow, knowing that all three must stay together to have a chance of succeeding.
In this Realm, terrible in its simple imperative, the ruler of the Dead is their absolute enemy. Surely the Changelings' task to find one soul amongst the untold trillions is impossible?


Is it because this book wasn't really my genre? Is it because the author gave me the second book in a saga and I wasn't able to understand a lot of things from the beginning on? Is it because I had too great expectations of this book? I don't know... I don't think it's because of  these reasons I didn't love the book.
First of all I've already read other books than those I normally pick and liked them! Second I believe that it shouldn't matter if you haven't read the first book in a series. The author should make it possible to follow and understand the story! And third, yeah... maybe I did have too great expectations... 

This book tells us the story of Peter, Paul and Michelle. Three "Changelings". This means they can change to an animal form. Our three young heroes live in two worlds. The real world and a parallell world where the battle between good and bad is really on. 
The story begins when Peter and Michelle are going to this frightening world full of demons, strange spirits and pain to find their friend Paul, Michelle's mother and some other missing persons. It's not a pleasure trip as Peter and Michelle (and some others) have to fight for their lives, find their way in a horrible forest and watch out for the Eternal Well and all the bad things hidden in it...

I don't think a really bad review would help this kind author, so I'm going to try to make it a constructive review where I highlight the things I did not appreciate and why I didn't. 
The main thing I didn't like was the fact I didn't understand the story from the beginning on. I hoped it would get better, but instead the author kept on piling more mysteries without solving them actually. Mystery is good, but not when it keeps your readers from understanding the plot of your book. I can understand you need to read the first book to fully understand the second one, but all those people, mysteries and terms I didn't get... I felt so stupid! 
There's already a second thing annoyed me... All those characters I couldn't connect with! The main characters become more tangible throughout the book, but there were many side characters only introduced by name. I didn't know them, didn't understand them, couldn't imagine them and this kept me from empathizing. Every character needs a proper introduction, especially when they shape the plot.

Because of all those things (and some more annoying facts I'm not going to mention here) I wasn't sucked into the book. The only thing I felt was an urge to read quick. The sentences are built in a way they rush you. Yeah, you could say that's exciting and this genre needs some excitement, but with all those mysteries, characters,... I couldn't bear this feeling! I was constantly looking at the pagenumber and hoped I would soon reach a point where everything became clear. I waited in vain... Even at the end the fog didn't leave. 

What I did like were the little philosophical items woven throughout the book. I noticed some things about reincarnation and liked them. Also the image of changing footsteps on top of every new chapter was well found. You can see Peter, the main character, changing more and more from a human being to a badger. It captures the main idea of the "Changelings". 

Sorry I don't spread more love for this book, but I promised to be honest and so I am :( The plot was too hazy for me to tell you something more about it. Maybe it's a challenge to read the book yourself and figure the plot out. Maybe you'll think I'm really stupid ;)
Have to say thank you again to author K.D. Lathar for giving me this e-book and I wish him best of luck with the sequel next year!

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  1. Very interesting to read a 1 star review, I don't read them often on blogs. I think you wrote a very good constructively critical review! It's shame this book didn't quite live up to expectations.

  2. Thank you :) I felt really bad writing it, but I couldn't lie either. I'm glad you think it's constructive!